Thom has formally
lectured in 25 of the
over 115 countries
and foreign territories
he has visited.


Keynotes, Workshops & Major Speaking Engagements,
TV &Radio and Print Media Exposure

Thom is especially good at presenting information in such a way that people are moved to action.  He has a proven track record of being a leader, and in doing so in a responsible and professional way.  His travels have provided him with a vast knowledge and personal experience of the rest of the world and his presentations, often accompanied by his stunning slide images, are informative, factual and moving.


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"Thom, your message as a keynote and on environmental education and cross cultural awareness was definitely heard and the EARCOS family of schools is a better place as affirmed by the constant feedback from the delegates indicating how wonderful the experience was for them, personally. Your sincerity and thoughtfulness demonstrated a sense of purpose and people left the conference with solid information, actions to bring to the school site and a means of improving their programs. I hope that we can think of you as a presenter at future conferences. "

Robert and Linda Sills
East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools
Laguna, Philippines

"I first heard Thom Henley speak at a conference in Bali in 2000. Thom spoke to an audience of teachers from throughout Asia. His speech was one of the most inspiring speeches I have heard in over twenty years involvement in Education. He spoke with great passion and knowledge on environmental issues. His speech and subsequent workshop, of which I attended, left me inspired."

Murray Hodgson
Jakarta International School
Jakarta, Indonesia

"We want to THANK YOU for joining us at our teachers' conference and sharing your expertise, time and so much more. The knowledge offered in your keynote- Letting in the Light-Lessons from the Illiterate and two breakout sessions: (1) Cross-Cultural Awareness and, (2) As if the Earth Matters - Rededication to Environmental Education, to our teachers and everybody in attendance was terrific. Our conference's success certainly was in part due to your invaluable contribution and presentation.

We certainly hope that you enjoyed the conference and will consider coming back to work with our faculty and administrators' in the future. We found working with you to be both personally and professionally rewarding."

Bob and Linda Sills
East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools
Laguna, Philippines

"Just wanted to say how PHENOMENAL your part in the recent Service Summit Africa was. Both myself and the 6 students I chaperoned were incredibly inspired and touched by your talk and the cross cultural awareness activities you led.

I am the Head of Visual Art at Kampala International School here in Uganda and our students will be leading a whole school assembly in the coming weeks sharing, "borrowing", and carrying forward some of those activities you did with us with the rest of our school.

Keep up the inspired journey you're on. Wow.
Catherine Hallam
Head of Visisual Art
Kampala International School
Kampala, Uganda

Keynotes & Major Speaking Engagements

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Banff, Alberta - Parks Canada Centennial Conference

Vald'Or, Quebec - The Northern Conference on Criminal Justice

Washington, D.C. - National Parks & Conservation Association Forum on South Moresby

Ottawa, Ontario - Carlton University

Edmonton, Alberta - University of Alberta

Whitehorse, Yukon - The Northern Conference on Criminal Justice

Victoria, B.C. - the Royal B.C. Museum

Vancouver, B.C. - King George College

Port Townsend, Wash. - Association for Experiential Education Conference

Oakland, Calif. - University of Berkeley, Earth Day address

Victoria, B.C. - University of Victoria conference "The Future Forest"

Victoria, B.C. - Royal B.C. Museum "S.E. Asia Rainforests"

Toronto, Ontario - Global Conference on Climate Change

Yellowknife, N.W.T. - Canadian Nature Federation National Conference

Portland, Oregon - Old Growth Forest Conference

Vancouver, B.C. - International Conference on Tourism

Edmonton, Alberta - National Conference on Native Education

Seattle, Wash. - "The Decade of the Rainforest" Conference

Carmel, Calif. - International Networking Event

Ottawa, Ont. - Special Assembly called by Speaker of the House

Wash., D.C. - Congressional Human Rights Caucus

Vancouver, B.C. - Robson Square Media Centre "Borneo Rainforest"

Concordia, Mnn. USA - Concordia College

Honolulu, Hawaii - WILD (Wilderness is the Last Dream) Conference - Keynote

Tokyo, Japan - Lecture on rainforests at Fuji Bank & Tokyo Institute of Tech.

Kyoto, Japan - "Renewing the Earth" International Conference

Lectures during "Voice for the Borneo Rainforest" World Tour; Sidney, Australia/ Melbourne, Australia/ Canberra, Australia/ Hobart, Tasmania/ Vancouver, B.C./ Victoria, B.C./ Seattle, Wash./ Calgary, Alta./ Toronto, Ont./ New York, N.Y./ Wash., D.C./ London, England/ Stockholm, Sweden/ Copenhagen, Denmark/ Paris, France/ Geneva, Switzerland/ Gland, Switzerland/ Vienna, Austria/ Hamburg, Germany/ Frankfurt, Germany/ Amsterdam, Netherlands/ Hague, Netherlands/ Tokyo, Japan/ Yokohama, Japan


Cranbrook, B.C. - Keynote, East Kootenays Teachers Association Conference

Metchosin, B.C. - International Institute, Pearson College

Victoria, B.C. - Summer Institute for Global Education, U. of Vic.

Whitehorse, Yukon - Teachers Institute, Yukon Territorial Government

Red Deer, Alta. - Keynote, Interpretation Canada National Conference

Whitehorse, Yukon - Northern Youth Conference & Yukon Teachers Conference

Cranbrook, B.C. - Keynote, East Kootenay Environmental Society Conference


Calgary, Alberta - Global Education Conference - Keynote

Heron Bay, Ontario - Rediscovery & Race Relations, Pukaskwa N.P.

Surrey, B.C. - B.C. Teachers Federation Conference

Vancouver, B.C. - Global Ed Conference - Keynote

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - N. Plains Indian Interpretation Site

Seattle, Washington - University of Washington & Western Art Assoc.

Queen Charlotte City, B.C. - QCI Global Links

 Vancouver, B.C. - Friends of Thailand Society

Cranbrook, B.C. - Crow's Nest Pass - Keynote

Concordia, Minnesota - Concordia

Thunder Bay, Ontario - Ojibwa Conference, Heron Bay Rediscovery

Vancouver, B.C. - Conference of the International Youth Alliance - Keynote

Crow's Nest Pass, Alberta - Environment Canada Conference

Whitehorse, Yukon - "Lifelong Learning" - Yukon Teachers Conference


Twisp, Washington - North Cascade Institute


Victoria, B.C. - International Seminar on Youth and Development

Victoria, B.C. - Focus Conference - Keynote


Victoria, B.C. - Focus Conference - Keynote


Calgary, Alberta - Alberta Global Ed Conference - Keynote

Tofino, B.C. - Long Beach Model Forest Interpretive Centre

Portland, Oregon - "Offbeat Thailand"


Vancouver, B.C. - North American Assoc. for Environmental Education - Keynote

Hong Kong, China - Hong Kong Conservancy Assoc.


Hong Kong, China - TREATS & Playwrights Presentations

Victoria, B.C. - Focus Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana - CRUM Conference (Coalition for the Renewal of Urban Waterways) - Keynote

N. Vancouver, B.C. - CAVEAT Conference - Anti-Violence, Crime Prevention - Keynote

Sechelt, B.C. - Sechelt Youth Conference - Keynote

Squamish, B.C. - Teachers Conference - Keynote

Shanghai, China - East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) Conference - Keynote

Shanghai, China - CERCOS Conference - Keynote


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia - EcoHost Conference on Ecotourism

Padang, Indonesia - UNESCO Conference

Kathmandu, Nepal - NESA Conference - Keynote


Bali, Indonesia - SEEC/EARCOS Conference - Keynote

Victoria, B.C. - Focus Conference - Keynote

Ballycastle, N. Ireland - Corrymeela Conference on Global Conflict

Victoria, B.C. - Pearson College International Youth Seminar

Tokyo, Japan - American School in Japan

Bangkok, Thailand - International School Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand - NESA Conference - Keynote


Agape, Italy - European Youth Conference on Globalization - Keynote

Victoria, B.C. - National Marine Educators Assoc. (NMEA) Conference - Keynote

Victoria, B.C. - Pearson College International Youth Seminar

Crestone, Colorado - Earth Restoration Corps Conference

Pattaya, Thailand - Ruamrudee International School

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - International School Kuala Lumpur


Jakarta, Indonesia - Jakarta International School

Pekanbaru, Sumatra, Indonesia - Caltex American School

Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy

Seoul, South Korea - Seoul International School


Seoul, South Korea - KORCOS Conference, "The Evolution of Learning" - Keynote

Seoul, South Korea - Seoul International School

Hanoi, Vietnam - United Nations International School

Victoria, BC, Canada - Adventure Therapy Conference - keynote

Jakarta, Indonesia - Jakarta International School

Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy


Bangkok, Thailand - World Youth Peace Summit (WYPS) Asia Pacific Summit

Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy

Sarajevo, Bosnia/Herezovia - WYPS European Regional Summit

Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy

Vancouver, BC, Canada - SFU Development in Environmental Education - Keynote


Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy

Manila, Philippines - EARCOS Administrators Conference, "Indigenous Education, Time to Pay Attention" - Keynote

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia - International School Kuala Lumpur - Tsunami Address

Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada - Rediscovery Workshop

Prince Rupert, BC, Canada - Salmon Nations Youth Summit - Keynote

Fort St. John, BC, Canada - Doig River First Nation Corporate Cross - Cultural Training

Manila, Philippines - EARCOS Administrations conference - Keynote


Manila, Philippines - EARCOS Teachers Conference

Manila, Philippines - ARCOS Teachers Conference - "Journeys of Light and Vision" - Keynote

Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama International School

Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - EARCOS Teachers Workshop

Quingdao, China - Teachers Workshop Quingdao International School and General Assembly School Lecture

Dharamshala, India - Presentation to private audience with His Holiness the Karmapa Lama and Tibetan Parliament in exile

Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy

Hart, Michigan, USA - Presentation to Oceania County Council on Aging

Limbarg, Sarawak, Malaysia - Facilitating historic accord between Kelabit and Penan indigenous peoples



Taipei, Taiwan - Presentations to students and staff at Taipei American School

Vientiane, Laos - Presentations to Ministers of Laos Government

Everett, Washington, USA - Streamkeeper Academy - 2 workshops for educations and park personnel

Bali, Indonesia - Facilitated curriculum development for the Earth Restoration Corps Asian Training Program

Hilo, Hawaii, USA - Global Passageways Conference (October)



Kampala, Uganda - African Service Summit - Keynote: "The Courage to Hope" (Jan. 2009)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - invited to address the Swiss Embassy Film Festival following the presentation "Bruno Manser - Laki Penan" (Mar. 17, 2009)

Salt Spring Island, Canada - invited to lecture to the Explorers Club "Lessons from the Illiterate" (Sept. 12, 2009)

Hart, Michigan, USA - invited to present to the Oceana County Council on Aging - "Uganda - The Pearl of Africa" (Sept. 22, 2009)

Hart, Michigan, USA - invited to present to the Rotary Club on Environmental Education (Sept. 23, 2009)

Yellowknife, NWT, Canada - Keynote: "Engaging Youth Through Recreation (Oct. 8, 2009)

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar - Lecture Series aboard MV the World - "Courage of the Sea" & "Reefs to Rainforests" (Mar. 10 & 13, 2010)


Television and Radio

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Have conducted local, provincial, national and international radio and television interviews on a range of environmental and cultural topics: threats of oil pollution, peregrine falcon harvests, South Moresby wilderness preservation, Rediscovery program, tropical rainforests, human rights abuses against  rainforest tribes people and tsunami relief efforts. Among these:


Interviewed on the "Hourglass" program, a CBC television news special on oil spill threats to the B.C. coast


Interviewed by Margit Nance for BCTV on the South Moresby Wilderness Proposal


Interviewed by CHTK, Terrace television on the Rediscovery program


Interviewed by Dr. David Suzuki for the CBC program "The Nature of Things", in a special half hour documentary on South Moresby


Interviewed by Bob Switzer for two shows of the CBC program "From Now On", describing Haida elder's involvement in the Rediscovery program


Interviewed by Laurier LaPierre for the CKVU program "The Vancouver Show" and by Mario Shinse for a CBC television broadcast on the South Moresby National Park Proposal


A two hour live phone interview with Dave Barret on CJOR, "The Vancouver Show" debating the South Moresby issue


The Barry Clark Show live television broadcast discussing South Moresby


CKVU television and The Barry Clark Show discussing Rediscovery


CBC National Radio, the Vicky Gaboreau Show, an hour long interview on the Penan and Rediscovery - aired several times by public demand


Radio Free Europe and NBC television in New York discussing the crisis in Sarawak


"The Morning Show", Channel 4, Thailand, national broadcast on Rediscovery Program


Print Media Exposure

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"Saturday Nite" magazine - featured in article "War of the Worlds"


"National Geographic" magazine - highlighted in "Canada's, Queen Charlotte Islands"


"The Vancouver Sun" and "The Province" - featured stories on Rediscovery

"Monday Magazine" - cover stories: "The Grateful Rainforest", "One Man's Rediscovery", and "Playing the Political Game"

Paradise Won - McClelland and Stewart Inc., featured throughout this book by Elizabeth May documenting the South Moresby struggle


"Monday Magazine" cover story "The Heart of the Wood"


The Village Interpreter - Concordia College, Mnn. feature story "Voice for Rediscovery"


"Big Trees or Big Stumps" - A History of the Wilderness Committee by Paul George

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