"Students need to renew
their ancient connections
to the land, their food
sources and
to each other,
in educational and
fun-filled ways ."




In Touch with Nature Education

Reefs to Rainforest is but one of the exciting 8 day study adventures offered through Thom's "In Touch with Nature Education" programs. These programs provide excellent opportunities for students to learn about and experience different natural ecosystems including: tropical rainforests, mountains, wet lands, rivers,mangrove forests, intertidal zones, volcanoes, geothermal springs, crater lakes and spectacular coral reefs.  Trips can be custom-made to fit the needs of your school and geographical location.

A Typical Trip
The daily focus for a Reefs to Rainforest" week without walls."
Day 1:  Tropical evergreen forests and wildlife
Day 2:  Karsts and cave ecosystems
Day 3:  Waterfowl & fresh water ecosystems
Day 4:  Waterfalls & montane ecosystems
Day 5:  Coral reefs & intertidal communities
Day 6:  Lowland forest & geothermal springs
Day 7:  Mangrove forests & estuaries fauna

For more extensive details of the Reefs to Rainforest trip, or other ecological tours, go to the In Touch with Nature Education website: www.in-touch-with-nature-education.com

Thom has written two books that serve as study guides on these tours:

Reefs to Rainforests/Mangroves to Mountains - A Guide to South Thailand's Natural Wonders

Waterfalls & Gibbon Calls - Exploring Khao Sok National Park

Online Photo Gallery
See photos of the Reefs to Rainforest program in action.  Note that the photo gallery opens in a new window.  Close the photo gallery window when finished to return here.

Reefs to Rainforest Photo Gallery

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