"One cannot talk about
 humanity and nature
as two entities.
People are not separate
from the earth.  They
need to find that
one-on-one connection
they have with
the world."


"Rediscovery offers
a new direction for
youth camps."


The Rediscovery program, founded by Thom in 1978, is a wilderness-cultural heritage program that brought together Haida and non-native youths on Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands) to discover the worlds within themselves, the cultural worlds between them and the wonders of the natural world around them.  The program was immediately successful and has been going strong for over three decades. Today Rediscovery programs operate in many locations throughout Canada and the world.

The vision of the Rediscovery Foundation reflects Thom's environmental vision.

"Rediscovery's goal is to promote cross-cultural understanding and global peace by adopting traditional Indigenous People's values of respect for oneself, other people and the natural environment."

Thom believes that much of the violence that exists in the world today is "more than venting of political, social, and economic repression; it is a desperate response of cultures and people simply trying to survive, to be understood, to be respected." 

These are not the standard summer camps where totem poles are propped in front of tipis as part of Indian lore.  Any Rediscovery participant could tell you that such misrepresentations are as ridiculous as displaying the Eiffel Tower in front of the Taj Mahal.  Cultural authenticity is integral to the Rediscovery experience.  The indigenous peoples who host and help develop these programs are members of truly distinct nations with languages, religions, customs, and traditions every bit as different from one another as are any two cultures in Europe.

By drawing from the strength of native traditions, the wisdom of Elders, a philosophy of respect and love for the land and each other, and with a focus on the spirituality of all life, Rediscovery offers a new direction for youth camps.

Rediscovery Camp Locations

For more information about Rediscovery camps in your area or in other parts of the world log onto www.rediscovery.org, or email: rediscovery@ykool.com

Rediscovery International Foundation
#150 Montreal Street.
Victoria, BC
Canada V8V 1Y8

telephone/fax: (250) 380-2601

Thom has written a book about the Rediscovery program.  It is a treasure trove of traditional ecological-centered games that can be played with children and adults.

Rediscovery, Ancient Pathways - New Directions

Online Photo Gallery
See photos of the Rediscovery program in action.  Note that the photo gallery opens in a new window.  Close the photo gallery window when finished to return here.

Rediscovery Photo Gallery

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