"This man represents
50,000 years worth
of oral tradition

Indigenous Peoples & Human Rights

Thom has explored the far reaches of Mongolia, kayaked the North Pacific coast, and Arctic rivers, and led expeditions into the rainforests of  Borneo, Sumatra, Thailand, Burma, Laos and the Philippines.  His explorations have focused on investigating and documenting the situation of the world's indigenous peoples.

Thom has spent an extensive period of time with many indigenous peoples including the Penan of Borneo, the Mentawai of Siberut Island, Indonesia, the Haida of the Pacific Northwest, the Maori of New Zealand, and the Moken along the Thai/Burma coast of the Andaman Sea. 

Thom has worked hard to bring environmental and human rights abuses of indigenous peoples to the world's attention. 

Thom has written books about both the Penan and the Mentawai peoples:

Penan - Voice for the Borneo Rainforest

Living Legend of the Mentawai

Online Photo Galleries
See photos of the Penan and the Mentawai.  Note that the photo galleries open in a new window.  Close the photo gallery window when finished to return here.

Penan of Borneo Photo Gallery
Mentawai of Indonesia Photo Gallery


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