"Conservation is no longer
an option - it must be a
way of life."

Conservation Projects

South Moresby Campaign

In 1974 Thom founded the Islands Protection Society, a Queen Charlotte Islands environmental group, and drafted the original South Moresby Proposal.  He served as director and spokesman for the Society for more than a decade and waged the largest national park campaign in Canadian history. The area was protected as a National Park Reserve July 11, 1987.  In 2005, the National Geographic Society hailed this "Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site" - the best protected area in North America.

Penan Campaign

Thom has been bringing the plight of the Penan people of Borneo to the world's attention for nearly three decades.  In 1990 he visited a dozen countries raising consciousness via the "Voices of the Borneo Rainforest World Tour." He continues to press for recognition of the Penans human and customary land rights during talks throughout the world. In 2007, Thom was asked to facilitate a historic accord in Sarawak, Malaysia between the Pena and Kelabit tribes so that they might file a joint claim in the high courts to protect their forest homelands.

Environmental Education Campaign
Thom has been a champion of environmental education for the past three decades through countless Rediscovery programs. For the past 18 years he has been Lead Facilitator for youth from around the world that attend Rediscovery Training at Canada's United World College.

For the past decade, Thom has led Reefs to Rainforests environmental education adventures in Thailand. Hundreds of students from Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Canada have benefited from his 'hands-on' approach to learning about ecosystems and environmental problems.

Thom has co-authored a book about the South Moresby Campaign, and the Penan. He has authored a book on the Mentawai, and several books on environmental education.


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