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Thom is the author and co-author of ten books:

Along with his books, Thom has written many magazine articles and assisted in the production of two movies:  "Rediscovery - The Eagle's Gift" and "The Penan - A Disappearing Civilization of Borneo."


As if the Earth Matters - Recommitting to Environmental Education
Thai Nature Education Co. Ltd. , 273 pp. (2006)
Co-author & photographer (first printings)

Has environmental education "flat lined"? Has the early promise of an eco-aware and conscientious human population really materialized in the four decades of the "environmental movement," or are our schools still stuck in the rut of picking up litter and recycling paper and pop cans?

As if the Earth Matters calls for action beyond eco-awareness. It advocates moving young minds and hearts to a deeper sense of belonging with Nature and stewardship towards it.

Teaching kids about air toxins before they've ever had an opportunity to behold the wonder of the stars in a clear night sky, or feel a fresh clean wind upon their face, does not empower them. The authors set out to reverse the current teaching trend towards information overload and dis-empowerment. They propose deeper sensory experiences in the outdoors, experiential exercises that review a love for the Earth and inspire young people to have hope in the future.

For more information or to purchase the book, go to the following link: http://asiftheearthmatters.wordpress.com/

KRABI - Caught in the Spell, A Guide to Thailand's Enchanted Province
Thai Nature Education Co. Ltd. 273 pp., (2003)
Author and photographer (1st printing)

The author brings to life Krabi's special attractions, its fascinating peoples, and its amazingly rich natural history. Personal reflections provide insight into Thai ways and the often humorous situations foreign visitors may find themselves in.

With more than 400 stunning color images, detailed region by region maps, an extensive service directory and captivating short stories, this book is an indispensable guide for planning a trip to Krabi, a fun read while you're there, and the perfect keepsake of your journey.


Islands at the Edge - Preserving the Queen Charlotte Archipelago
Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, 160 pp. (1984)
Co-author & designer of this highly acclaimed best seller. (numerous printings)

One hundred kilometres off British Columbia's mainland coast, perched on the edge of Canada's Pacific continental shelf, lie the Queen Charlotte Islands. At their southern end is a naturalist's dream, an archipelago of 138 islands and 42 freshwater lakes known as South Moresby. It has 1,600 kilometres of coastal shoreline, bathed by the nutrient-rich waters of north Pacific. That and its climate, tempered by warm offshore currents, make it one of the world's most amazing natural habitats. To biologists it is known as the Canadian Galapagos; the Haida Indians, for whom it is a traditional home, call it Gwaaia Haana, "Place of Wonder."

Savour it for the power of its images, for the cause it espouses. For here is a corner of the earth that can still inspire wonder and that must be cherished and protected.


Rediscovery, Ancient Pathways, New Directions
Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, 288 pp. (1989, 1996)
Author and photographer - Canadian best seller. (3rd printing)

For more than 30 years, the Rediscovery program has drawn from the timeless wisdom of native Elders.  Youth of all ages and backgrounds are inspired to discover and respect the world within themselves, the cultural worlds between them and the natural world around them. The book reflects the contributions of more than thirty different native cultures represented in the Rediscovery circle of wilderness camps.

This expanded edition includes more than 130 activities based on the spirit of sharing and caring communicating with other cultures, and connecting with our natural environment.

Schools and youth groups everywhere will be able to use these activities when they gather to reacquaint themselves with their place in Nature.


Penan - Voice for the Borneo Rainforest
Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Vancouver, 158 pp. (1990) Co-author and photographer.

Just a half century ago, anthropologists were debating as to whether or not the Penan existed. Now the Penan's complex nature-based culture and the jungle world that gave it birth are threatened with destruction. Reading this book, you will realize in your heart that these gentle people of the rainforest and their contribution to the understanding of nature must be preserved. You will also find out what you can do to make sure that "they have a way to stay."


Waterfalls & Gibbon Calls - Exploring Khao Sok National Park
Baan Thom Publishing, 144 pp. (1996, 1999, 2005)
Author and photographer. (3rd printing)
Distributed by Asia Books, Bangkok

Nowhere in the south of Thailand is there a larger protected area for wildlife, more stunning scenery, or more opportunities for wilderness recreation than Khao Sok National Park. And nowhere does a guide book offer you more: natural and human history, detailed descriptions of flora and fauna, suggested itineraries, complete species lists, wildlife track guide, adventure maps and trail highlights, how to get there, when to to, what to bring, and much more.

With 88 pages of stunning color photography and beautifully hand painted illustrations, this book will both lure you to Khao Sok and be the perfect keepsake of your journey.


Reefs to Rainforests/Mangroves to Mountains - A Guide to South Thailand's Natural Wonders
Baan Thom Publishing, 227 pp. (1995)
Author and photographer.
Distributed by Asia Books, Bangkok

Easy to read, this richly illustrated, user-friendly field guide is the perfect pocket companion for anyone wanting to know more about south Thailand’s rich and varied natural environments. From the coral reefs to the inter tidal flats, from the mangrove swamps to the darkest caves, from the evergreen tropical forest to the highest misty mountains, the award-winning author introduces the reader to more than 150 of Natures most amazing creatures.

Detailed maps of the best place to go, tips for eco travelers, brilliant color photos, and a passionate plea for conservation make this book both invaluable and timely.


A Seed of Hope
Baan Thom Publishing, 196 pp. (2000)
Author and photographer.
Distributed by Asia Books, Bangkok

A privileged teenager, lost in the tragedy of his loveless life, finds escape--first in street drugs, then in a jungle, half a word away.

The peculiar circumstances which put the boy there pale in comparison to the life and death struggles he now finds himself in. Terrifying tropical storms, raging rivers, deadly snakes, blood-sucking leeches  and a hostile government confront the young man, but it is his own inner fears which challenge him most.

Ironically, it is a remnant of humanity’s most archaic past--the last nomadic forest dwellers of Borneo, that offer the boy, and the world, the prospect of hope for the future.

A brilliant blend of fact and fiction; the author takes us to a place few have ever been, and brings us back renewed.

"I have just read your wonderful book "A Seed of Hope". I wanted to say thank you... It is a great message. A message of Love, Peace of Understanding. I wish all the leaders of the world would take the time to read it too!"

Anne Longuier
UNIS, Hanoi, Vietnam


Living Legend of the Mentawai
Baan Thom Publishing, 168 pp. (2001)
Author and Photographer.
Distributed by Java Books, Jakarta

Dramatic color photos, delightful illustrations and an engaging text bring to life, for the first time, the amazing tribes people of Siberut Island, Indonesia and their living legends.

This book is much more than a portrait of a people and their profound sense of place, it is a mirror reflecting our own social values—a pulse check on humanity’s heartbeat.

Living Legend of the Mentawai is a rare and revealing insight into one of the world’s last Neolithic societies, a society that may have less to teach us about our primitive past than to inspire us in our collective future.


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"Rediscovery - The Eagles Gift" - assisted in fundraising, production and editing phase of this award winning documentary by Peeter Prince

"The Penan - A Disappearing Civilization of Borneo" - assisted in fundraising, production and editing, Endangered Peoples Project Production presented to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, Washington, DC.

"Live Interview on the Vicky Gaboreau Show" - CBC Television, Vancouver, Canada

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