"We will not be allowed
exit this millennium
with the same set of
values with which we
entered it."

"Climate Change is a
threat that can bring
the world together, if we
are wise enough to stop
it from driving us apart."

"We may be the first generation in human
history to see the world
as a sinking ship, but
also to know that it is
our only possible rescue vessel."

"We are going to have
to want different things,
seek different pleasures
and shift our global
economy and consumptive patterns to something
far more sustainable.
We are going to have
to start behaving
towards the Earth
as though we intend
to stay."


Thom Henley sees himself as a citizen of the world. Though he holds citizenship as an American and Canadian, his travels to more than 114 countries, overseas work and adventures, and his adoption into half a dozen indigenous tribes world-wide, seems to support his case.

The Haida people of Canada's remote Queen Charlotte Archipelago have formally adopted him. The Haida name bestowed upon Thom is: "Yaahl Hlaagaay Gwii Kaas" - "Raven Walks Around the World." To the Interior British Columbia Thompson people he is known as: "Qualum" - "Original Path." The Penan of the rainforests of Borneo have honored him with the name: "Pepejek Urip" - "Lifting Life Upright", and the Mentawai tribes people of Siberut Island, Indonesia call him: "Utut Kunan" - "Everything Good Comes to Him" Thom's Newari name, bestowed in ceremony in Nepal's Katmandu Valley, is: "Tahari Ara" - "Big Brother"; and his most recent adoption into a Tibetan family carries an honorary name given by the Dalai Lama himself: "Tenzin Chdrk" - "Strong in Spirit."

Internationally know as an environmentalist, human-rights advocate, and educator, Mr. Henley has been the recipient of seven national and international human rights and conservation awards.

He championed the largest conservation campaign in Canadian history, the 13.5 year effort to save the southern portion of the Queen Charlotte Archipelago as a national park reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2005, the National Geographic Society judged the "Gwaii" Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site" the best national park in North America.

Together with Haida elders in 1978 Thom founded the Rediscovery program to put youth in crisis back in touch with themselves, their culture and the natural world. Today there are more than 50 Rediscovery programs operating in Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Thom is the author and co-author of ten books:

  • River of Mist Journey of Dreams;

Thom Henley has formally lectured and conducted workshops in 26 countries and is in demand as a keynote speaker at international conferences. He regularly conducts teachers workshops throughout Asia, Europe and North America, and continues to work directly with youth and indigenous peoples through the Rediscovery program and other projects.

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